Interesting facts in Vadodara

Interesting Facts in Vadodara

01/05/2021 by : Ravi Bhadja
Interesting Facts About Vadodara

Also known as the cultural capital of Gujarat, it’s also known as Sanskari Nagari, i.e. Cultured City and according to the Gujarat tourism authority is the most sought after location for the dance style known as garba in the entire world. Let us have a glimpse of the most interesting facts about Vadodara.

1. Kamati Baug is the Largest Garden in Western India

Situated in the heart of the city, this garden is spread over a stretch of about 113 Acres with a rich flora of 98 trees, some of which are very rare. It also houses a museum, planetarium, aquarium and a zoo giving shelter to 167 types of animals including the Asiatic lion. Opened in 1879, its main attraction is a floral clock with a diameter of 20 feet.

2. Vadodara has its own Cricket Team

Baroda cricket team is a domestic cricket team, which has won the Ranji trophy 5 times and has been the runner-up for four years. Their home ground being the Motibaug cricket stadium which is also the oldest cricket ground in Asia spread over a sprawling 700 acre complex in the heart of the city. The stadium has a seating capacity of 18,000 people.

3. The Moon of Baroda

The moon of Baroda is 24.04 carats cut diamond discovered in Vadodara. Originally owned by the Gaekwad royalty it was later given as a gift to the only female monarch of Habsburg dynasty, Maria Theresa of Austria. The diamond changed many hands including that of Marilyn Monroe who wore it for an album and a film.

4. India’s First Narrow Gauge was in Vadodara

The railway line from Dabhoi to Miyagam was India’s first narrow gauge to be laid in the country in the year 1862. It was also the first railway to be owned by a princely state. Initially, oxen were used to haul the train but within a year were replaced by locomotive engines. This was a 13 Km long and 2 feet 3 inches wide railway line.

5. Vadodara Marathon is the Biggest Marathon!

Vadodara is the first non-metro city to hold an international marathon on a large scale. Started in the year 2009, the last 2016 marathon witnessed the registration of about 65,000 people. Vadodara Marathon is also the beneficiary of the AIMS gold medal for ‘smallest city, biggest Marathon’.

6. The First Account of an Aircraft was in Vadodara!

The flying of the aircraft called the Marutsakha built by Dr.Talpade is said to be supported as well as witnessed by the then king of Baroda, Sayajirao Gaekwad III. This was 8 years before the Wright Brothers came to fame.

7. Vadodara was Named as Vadapadraka

The first citation of Vadodara comes in a holy book which mentions it as a part of a bigger area situated on the western side of the river Vishwamitri called the Ankottaka(now Akota). However, in 1600 AD, due to heavy flooding, the inhabitants shifted to the eastern side then named Vadapadraka, that is modern day Vadodara. The city gets its name from the abundance of banyan trees (vatodar).

8. Vadodara is Called the Kala Nagri

Vadodara has a vivacious history related to Art and Architecture. Since the era of Royal Gaekwad family, it has been a hub of Arts and Literature. Hence, it has been given the title of “Kala Nagri”.

Hope you have a good time reading the interesting facts about Vadodara.

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