Watson Museum in Rajkot

Watson Museum

01/05/2021 by : Ravi Bhadja
Watson Museum in Rajkot

Rajkot is famous for its history and heritage. One of the heritage sites is the Watson Museum of Rajkot. Watson Museum and Library is a famous museum in Rajkot. This museum is a major tourist attraction, located in the Jubilee Garden in Rajkot. The museum has its own charm and importance. An exhibition ‘Bharatiya Shilp Samruddhi’ is also held at the museum, which is weeklong celebration organized every year in the second week of January.

History of the Watson Museum:

The Watson Museum is a museum of human lifestyle and record. It was opened to the public in the year 1888 and honors Colonel James Watson, who was the governmental broker of Kathiawar Organization from 1881 till 1889. Colonel Watson was very fond of collecting archeological facts and got attached record and archeology and gather details of Rajkot. Most of his selections and relics are maintained in the museum.

The Architecture of the Watson Museum:

The Watson Museum has mixed style architecture. The entrance of the Watson Museum is well decorated and attractive. There are two majestic lion’s statues standing on both sides of the entrance of the museum. The museum in Rajkot is also used as a library.

Historical Importance:

The Watson Museum includes replicas of artifacts from Mohenjo-Daro, 13-century designs, forehead statues, outfits and design of dwellings of local tribe people. The Watson Art gallery has an outstanding selection of traditional, historical items and silver coins. One of the major attractions of the Watson Museum is the huge marble statue of Queen Victoria seated on the throne. Apart from this, there are a variety of dolls of the Indus Area Community. The doll from Mohenjo-Daro is of significant fascination for the tourists who visit the Museum.

There are Various Sections of Importance in the Museum, These are as Follows:



Wood Work

Natural History

Musical Instruments

Rocks as well as Minerals

Paintings as well as Manuscript





Folk Embroidery

The Watson Museum is one of the most sought after location for people who have a keen interest in the history of the city and the state. The collections of artifacts at the museum are also used by the students and research scholars of India and abroad for studying the various aspects of arts that existed in the country during the ancient times. The museums in Rajkot are maintained and taken care by the government of the state. The Watson museum and library at Rajkot, Gujarat stands as a mark of the heritage of the state and the country.

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